Welcome to My Aero Phone

Welcome to My Aero Phone, we are most successful in the telecoms business and pride ourselves on offering a wide range of international calling cards which you can use privately and discreetly.  Our aim is to provide our customers with a low cost option to call abroad and to save money where you may be calling higher rate numbers such as 0906 numbers or similar.  Our calling cards are easy to use and it is simple to choose the prepaid card you desire from our large list.  We have over 50 varieties and we are constantly adding stock which caters for local, free access numbers with a view to saving you money.

Aero Associates Ltd is based in the United Kingdom and pride ourselves on providing our clientele with excellent customer support and a quality service that is always available to our customers, new and long term.  Our service aims to help many thousands of people have access to reasonably priced calling cards to cater to all needs.

Prepaid phone cards have been established now for many years as the cheapest way to call overseas.  Utilising a cheap prepaid phone card to call overseas can save you up to 90% on your phone bill.  It has been estimated that in the United States and Europe, more calls are made overseas with phone cards than any other method.  The science behind this is because phone card companies are able to purchase bulk minutes from large carriers at a fraction of the price, thereby using a phone card to make your private phone calls ensures that you end up with the same quality and reliability at a fraction of the price.  Here at Aero Associates Ltd we are very keen to pass on these savings to you.


Why buy phone cards online from us?

  • Privacy and discretion is guaranteed
  • We have a high quality customer service
  • We have a large selection of top quality cards.  We do NOT stock poor quality cards
  • Simple and Convenient – select the card you wish to use, pay with your credit or debit card online and receive your serial number and PIN by email
  • Thousands of happy and satisfied customers
  • Our payment method is safe and secure.  There has never been a case where our customers credit or debit card details have been compromised.  When you order on our website, we never see your credit card number.  It is encrypted and securely transmitted via our regulated fully PCI compliant Payment Service Provider.